Sunday, 25 March 2018

I Have You Now.... Club Meeting: 25 March

It was a day that will be long remembered. It saw the end of our wait to get Star Wars: Legion on the table at TCOW and it did not disappoint!

You will have to excuse the unpainted minis, I mean, we only got the freakin' things a few days ago! Monkey and I cracked out two games today, the first with the peanut gallery squawking from the sidelines and the second in much more subdued surrounds.

The verdict is that the game is a winner. It plays simply, allows a lot of room for customisation (as you'd expect with an FFG game) and also allows for very tactical decision making.

And the model look super sweet!

The table includes a mix of Battlekiwi and Monkey terrain, the perfect level and balance here I think.

The AT-ST is an imposing model. I didn't manage to kill him in 2 games, and that wasn't from lack of trying!

Father meets Son in mortal combat!

Only one can triumph....

There you have some Legion. I can see Monkey and I getting more new toys for this one soon...

We also had a number of other systems hitting the tables at TCOW today.

Daryl and Sofia hit the battlefields of Mother Russia...

Darren and David played WW2, just bigger...

Time Lords made an appearance and got all timey-wimey...

And itty-bitty space ships had reactor meltdowns...

Good club was good.

More Legion needed....

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Where you been?!

It sure has been a while since a blog post, but in all fairness, I busted my leg toward the end of last year and didn't actually ask anyone to get photos and the regular shit we'd usually have...

But we're back into it for the year! 

Club this week was a massive affair. Seven tables put out with seven different systems. Magpie syndrome still in full effect at TCOW!

We had 40k, Flames of War, Team Yankee, Ghost Archipelago, Dead Man's Hand, Bolt Action and Batman.

The Batman game has piqued a few people's interests....including mine!

Photo time!!

Pretty good club was pretty good.

Remember, if you want to get yourself into the club bi-annual prize draw you need to get your annual subs to El Pres ASAP.